Getting Cozy With: Magic America

Magic America
We’re Magic America. We play Melbourne Psych Rock & Roll.

We listen to a lot of Dandy Warhols, Oasis and Primal Scream so that comes out in our music. We just released a new double A-side ‘Pictures’/’Monday Song’ and are about to tour them around Australia. Come to one of our shows and have a drink and a rave.

Other than that we are recording some new songs and have some exciting news for New Years Eve… if you like camping.

Previous releases have seen praise from Australian media and radio including Triple J, regular airplay on community radio nationwide as well as significant attention from blogs and websites nationally and internationally.

Amongst national tours Magic America have played with the likes of Drunk Mums, Stonefield, Lurch & Chief, BONJAH to name a few.

About to embark on a East coast tour in support of their Double a-side.


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