Concert Review: Fucked Up, Alvvays, and s.h.i.t. @ The Horseshoe Tavern – Toronto

On Sept 27th, Fucked Up played a matinee all-ages show as a follow-up to their weekend stint at the Horseshoe, and as a return to their beloved Toronto after a rather whirlwind-y North American tour. Backed by Toronto favourites, Alvvays, who played their entire album, plus covers, which still does not disappoint, the group rocked the tiny socks off the tiny feet of the tiny children that were peppered throughout the audience.

Fucked Up, loud and shirtless, screaming to a handful of children seems like an interesting way to spend an afternoon, and all without the option of beer (although to let wee kiddies into a bar that does serve beer [at the front bar] seems a rather lenient bending of the rules).

And what’s not to like when you’re five, the band is pretty damn melodic for punk music, which can be saying a lot when you listen to some of the so-called “punk” music that exists in the world today. This is not just a handful of angry teenage boys screaming into a microphone about how much it sucks to go to high school, but rather, the group brings a varied 6-piece band to the fore (and by varied I mean gender- and sexuality-friendly), with melodic punk music that seems to swing from hardcore screamo to pop-rock in the span of a single chord.

They are capable of sounding loud and triumphant without coupling that with anger or anarchy. Although it must be exhausting to scream every night.

Does anyone have a cough-drop?

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Review by Emily Fox ()

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