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Isobel Trigger
Dear Canada,

Right now we are on the highway from Vancouver to small town Gridnrod BC. We are setting out on our first major tour right now and we’re pretty darn jazzed. By the way, this note is a collective collaboration of the hive mind that is Isobel Trigger. Brett (guitarist, designated driver, and our rock) is behind the wheel. Felicia (vocals) is typing while Ariel (drums) dictates witty remarks. As for the tour, we are very excited to melt the faces off of all the new people we see, with our epic electric alt-rock (recently described as meteoric, which pleases us)! That’s what we love the most; playing live.

It’s a special treat for musicians to tour as it gives us the opportunity to play a concentrated amount of shows, with the ability to hone our skillz and connect with tons new fans. As a band, we spend a LOT of quality time together (as we live together in Victoria BC). Though our little SUV is close quarters, and sometimes we want to punch each other in the business, there’s nowhere else we’d rather be! We love the road and the adventures it presents.

We just released a new EP Nocturnal and we’re pretty pumped to spread the word! You can check it out on iTunes! We are looking forward to writing more songs on this tour by playing the “sound-check game”; in which we make up a song on the spot while we test our gear!

Until next time, hugs, kisses, and ROCK,

Isobel Trigger


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