Concert Review: Constantines @ The Danforth Music Hall – Toronto

ConstantinesThe Danforth Music Hall can either seem utterly gigantic, or endearingly intimate, depending on the context. Tonight, Cousins got the slick opening spot or the Constantines first of two shows, a much coveted spot amongst Toronto-based musicians.

Deafening though they may be, Constantines appeal to music lovers and musicians alike, with their devastatingly beautiful melodies and the marvel that is their musical intricacies, multilayered but authentic songs.

1400 people came out to witness a miracle; the band that died only to be resurrected years later and hailed a hero. Why Constantines? Was it timing that lead to their original demise and fortuitous chance that brought them back from the dead? Certainly, the market has changed, and modern music is a far cry from the feel and sensibility that the Constantines bring to the stage, and therefore to a growing crowd of young-at-heart adults yearning to relive their youth. And perhaps there’s even a bit of an echo of you-don’t-know-what-you’ve-got-til-it’s-gone. But it’s also more than that…

Just as there will never be another Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zep, ACDC, Clash, etc., etc., so there can never be a band that replaces  Constantines; the vacuum they left behind became instead a niche that they created and they can only fill. It’s not enough to say that the world wasn’t ready for them, but perhaps it’s enough to rejoice in 1400 fans at the Danforth, celebrating a group who they know is irreplaceable and like nothing before or after them. There’s always the possibility that the world is still not conducive to a Constantine’s environment, and that this spurt of energy may be short-lived. Not to sound defeatist, but the music industry has grown more cutthroat that ever, and it was always pretty damn cutthroat.

What the nostalgia of seeing the Constantines is capable of is blinding us to their absolute talent as a group. None of the boys in the band have been inactive since their disbandment, but together they are a singular entity with a particular personality and presence that none of them could carry through to their individual endeavors. What it also teaches us is to live in the present.

Live in the present! Someone really important once said that life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

However, if you did miss tonight’s show, never fear, the Cons are playing the Danforth Music Hall again tomorrow! Come celebrate before it’s too late.

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