Concert Review + Photos: Coheed and Cambria + Thank You Scientist @ Kool Haus – Toronto

Coheed and Cambria
A Wednesday concert is exactly what we all need to get over hump day! This mid-week fix was none other than the illustrious Coheed and Cambria. As part of their Neverender IKSSE:3 Tour, Coheed made their Toronto appearance at the Kool Haus, and also marked the only non-sold out show of the entire tour.

Touring with only one other act, the opening band Thank You Scientist were the perfect selection. Fresh off of their release Maps of Non-Existent Places, many of the attendees came prepared to sing along. With funky bass lines complimented by a brass section of trumpet and sax, blended with violin, this band had a lot to offer. Notably, this was the first shredding violin solo I had ever witnessed.

Thank You Scientist
Singer Salvatore Marrano, shared a familiar high-pitched style of singing, resembling that of Claudio Sanchez. The entire set had a unique vibe that had you questioning how they could pull off this set so flawlessly, with so many elements, and yet they did. The fast-paced set had them steam rolling through their new tracks including a personal favourite Carnival. The track starts so up-tempo, then slows into a melodic piece that allows the band to crescendo back into their high speed performance.

The entire set was a spectacle, boasting more strobes than a Japanese game show that drew crowds even further into the experience. And this was only the beginning.

Back in 2011, Coheed and Cambria toured out their first album Second Stage Turbine Blade in support of the 10th anniversary of the album. This time around, the band is touring their second album, In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 in its entirety, track by track.

For fans who have been playing this album over and over for the last 11 years, it’s a real treat to experience the album live, the way you have been on your own, the way the band intended. The epic intro and first track on the album, The Ring in Return, proves to be an even more spectacular way to intro a live set. With only the iconic logo glowing on stage, out of the darkness appeared the band to roaring cheers, ready to get into the 12-track album. Mid-set, my favourite song off of the album, Blood Red Summer, had everyone losing their minds. In fact, I’m not sure I saw a single person who was not singing along, or dancing their ass off. It’s moments like this you want to embed in your memory forever.

As the album drew to a close, the band left the stage, returning to play the first of 3 encores, much to the approval of the boisterous fans. The final track of the album 21:13, a nearly 10-minute song, was the entirety of the first encore and was the perfect way to play out this album. Returning yet again to the stage, Coheed pulled out a three-song encore including my personal favourite off of The Afterman: Ascension, “Goodnight, Fair Lady”. They also brought openers, Thank You Scientist, back to the stage to play out “Number City”. The third and final encore was a two-song stint, beginning with Ten Speed and of course closing out the night with the ever-popular fan-favourite Welcome Home.

As fans filtered out of the Kool Haus, I couldn’t help but wonder if this would be the last show I’d ever see in this venue, due to its impending closure in January. One thing I know for sure, it won’t be the last time I see Coheed. If the boys continue with this tradition of making full tours out of their much-loved albums, and I certainly hope this is the case, we have a lot more to look forward to.

Coheed and Cambria

Thank You Scientist

Review by Shannon Bryan () | Photos by Justin Godelie ()

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