Three That Matter: Steve Bays discusses his favourite songs

Three That Matter: Steve Bays
Welcome to Three That Matter — our new segment where we ask our friends and artists in the industry about their favourite three tracks at the moment. We’re all about sharing the music and the tracks we (the AMBY team) love, and wanted to involve more people to share what they love. Today we feature Steve Bays, enjoy!

Steve Bays here… I play keyboards and sing for Mounties, Fur Trade, and Hot Hot Heat.. but more importantly, I spend most of my days shootin B-Ball outside of my school (in West Philadelphia, where I was born and raised). My current three fave songs are:

Doses & Mimosas by Cherub… Imagine Andre 3000 as a nerdy white dude (not hard) and co-writing with Glass Animals and produced by Toro Y Moi.  Good to put on at a party.. but won’t harsh your mellow like Mstrkft would when our merch roadie would crank it at 9am on his driving shift in the van because “HEY – IT’S MY SHIFT!”

Little Fang by Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks… It reminds me a little bit of the feeling I get from Nighttiming by Jason Schwartzman’s old group Coconut Records (a song I also love and miss) but more evolved and less obvious… combined with some perfectly ignorant production choices that must be intentional cuz it’s just too good. Why can’t there be a million bands making weirdo pop songs like this??? They casually deliver silly lyrics (that sneak by on the DL if you aren’t paying attention) and it reminds me of how much I like bands that don’t overthink it (despite clearly being covert geniuses) or take themselves so godddddamn seriously. Chill out and make fun music.. great recipe …we’re all gonna be dead in twenty years! #revengeofgaia

BTSTU by Jai Paul… This has been my inspiration for a Zolas song I’ve been working on the last few days. ..feels heavily influenced by hip hop and r&b production but is combined with new lo-fi/hi-fi tricks that confuse the brain enough to making sounds from the future. Like a border smuggler who had to swallow the evidence and is making it through the interrogation with a slow and steady heart beat.

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