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The Toniks
Goodnight fantastic AMBY readers!  (Though this is subject to time zones so with that being said – good afternoon AMBY readers!)
We’re The Toniks from jolly, foggy old England.   Made up of lab experiments originally named  Al2O3, CaO, Na2O, K2O, we soon changed our names to (Mark, Jez, Tom, Colin) as things became increasingly difficult when applying for mortgages, passports, or speed dating. 
Our sound can be described as quintessential British Pop, though not to be mistaken for the likes of Keane or 1 Direction but rather similar to Oasis bar the brotherly sexual tension.  We write happy, uplifting, melody infused songs on the basis that there is already so much anger and pointless ”pseudo” hate in the world that we wish not to ad to this ”pandemic”.
We’re very excited to be performing for you lovely Canucks in less than a week (Oct 16th The Hideout, 17th Brooklynn Bar, 18th The Rivoli) and do strongly urge your attendance to our shows so we can by you a drink (no mixed drinks you cheeky monkeys)…………….maybe a nice water based drink such as beer, cider or WATER?!
Thank you AMBY readers for taking the time to read this, we know it’s literary gold….okay, more like literary pyrite!
Insert shameless plug – you can find us on or (Debut album Rise & Shine for sale)
Ciao, bonjour, goodbye, so long, adeus, agur, sbohem,

The Toniks


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