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Great Good Fine Ok
With infectious beats and dreamy synths, Great Good Fine Ok broke onto the scene in 2013 with their hit single You’re the One for Me. Since then, the Brooklyn duo dropped their Body Diamond EP on October 7th and just embarked on a new tour with Betty Who. Just a half hour ago, we gave Great Good Fine Ok a call before they hit the stage tonight in Toronto! Here’s what they had to say about Philly cheesesteaks, favourite dance moves, their fun new video, and touring.

Luke: Hi Aliciaaaa.

AMBY: Hey guys! Thanks for taking the time to speak with me.

Jon: Totally. Thank you.

AMBY: You’re currently on tour with Betty Who and will play Toronto tonight. How’s everything going?

Jon: Everything has been going great so far. This is our fifth show and the crowds have been awesome. It’s been really cool to finally meet some of our fans who have heard the music but we’ve never played for before. Everything’s been really smooth and great.

AMBY: You recently spoke about how you love playing for people who have no idea who you are. Why is that for you two – is it the thrill of new fans?

Jon: Since we’re opening, most of the people we’re playing to have never heard of us. It’s fun to see people get excited about it for the first time; you kind of feel like you’re seeing a fan being born. That’s really cool for us.

AMBY: We’ve been following your social medias and it looks like you have a great time while touring. What are some things that you like to do for fun while on the road?

Luke: Pretty much, so far, it’s just been eating whatever the signature food is from the city we’re in. It all tends to be really bad for you.

AMBY and Great Good Fine Ok: [laughs]

Luke: We had cheesesteaks in Philly and some of us had two cheesesteaks so we could compare the two cheesestreak places. Last night in Buffalo, the whole band split a hundred wings.

Jon: [laughs] And three beef sandwiches?

AMBY: I was going to ask if you’ve had sandwiches yet because of the You’re the One for Me sandwich video.

Luke: Well, as you know, we’re all huge fans of sandwiches. One of the signature sandwiches in Buffalo is called beef on weck, which is this roast beef on salted bread and horseradish –

Jon: With caraway seeds.

Luke: It was delicious.

AMBY: Aside from finding good eats, you guys like to dance. I know you play that up while performing on stage, but you also named your recently released EP Body Diamond after a dance move you accidentally created. What’s your favourite dance move to break-into while on stage?

Jon: I do a lot of different dance moves; I probably go through a rotation of about one hundred dance moves… I will say my favourite is when the Body Diamond can make an appearance, whether it’s a deliberate Body Diamond or a transitional improv Body Diamond, they’re my favourite.

Luke: My favourite is probably during my keytar solo. We do this thing where Jon leans up behind me and sort of kneels over and it allows me to do a crazy backwards lean. That’s kind of fun.

AMBY: Being the reason you hit the road, I want to discuss Body Diamond. What was the experience like recording the EP together?

Luke: The way most of our songs come together is that I start by writing the music; I get the track going and send it over the Jon. From there, he comes up with the melody and the lyrics.

Jon: For the EP, those four songs were definitely written in that way. Some of our songs that we’ve been working on recently, that aren’t out yet, we work together when we do them. Some songs came together within the span of a few months, but it was an exciting process.

AMBY: Taken from that EP, you recently dropped an official video for You’re the One for Me which is pretty great – I don’t think I can get through it without laughing. What was the experience like creating that video and trying on all of the different costumes?

Jon: [laughs] I guess the first thing was trying to come up with an idea. We came up with that idea and I honestly didn’t know how we’d execute it or how it would come across. Would it be really cool? Would it be too goofy? Those characters were created and it was a lot of work – we did the whole thing in two days. Those were some of the hardest days of my life.

AMBY: Why’s that?

Luke: It was extremely physically tiring.

Jon: We were on those bikes for eight hours a day for two days straight.

AMBY: [laughs] You’ve also announced a full length record is to be released in 2015. If the band could invite any two people to guest on the album, who would you pick?

Jon: That’s a great question. Do they have to be alive?

AMBY: The record would be kind of dull if they weren’t alive…

Luke: [laughs]

Jon: Who would we want to do something with that’s alive? …Maybe a guest vocal appearance from the girl in CHVRCHES, that would be pretty cool.

Luke: Definitely.

Jon: Maybe Prince, which would be pretty good.

AMBY: To wrap things up, I bring you our signature question: what’s something about Great Good Fine Ok that most of your fans don’t know yet?

John: Another good question… I play guitar, nobody knows that yet!


Thank you Great Good Fine Ok, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Alicia Atout | @AliciaAtout

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