Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Lewis Watson

Lewis Watson
After watching Lewis Watson perform at Manchester Academy, we wanted to get to know the charming artist a bit more. Being the lovely chap that he is, the English singer-songwriter recently had a little chat with us. Here’s what he had to say about Manchester, his debut record The Morning, Amber Run, and his love of mayonnaise…

AMBY: Hi Lewis! You’ve been rather busy touring lately, where does our interview find you today?

Lewis Watson: hello sir ! we’re doing a week in europe at the moment and today you find me in lund, sweden after a 7-8 hour drive from berlin today. absolutely knackered but i can’t wait, we’re doing the same drive again tomorrow to play in the netherlands, too. europe’s a killer but the shows have been amazing so far.

AMBY: I saw you play at Manchester recently and it was such a great gig! A lot of artists say Manchester gigs are always special, do you agree?

Lewis Watson: thanks so much ! manchester’s always been very kind to us. we’ve sold out every show we’ve played there so far which just baffles me, very grateful for the loud crowds.

AMBY: Massive congratulations on your album, it’s great. How is the process of writing an album different to that of an EP?

Lewis Watson: you’re too kind, that means a lot ! the album tracks were picked from a big ol’ list of songs that i’ve written over my life (a playlist of 96 songs i believe) so i guess that means that the writing side of this album was the same as the eps. however, the recording of the album, the mindset i had whilst arranging/mixing and mastering the songs was completely different. i really wanted the eps to have an unfinished feel to them, so it was a whole new challenge when doing the album because i wanted the tracks to sound polished and complete.

AMBY: It is quite evident that the album is heavily rooted in relationships and friendships, is that what makes you want to write songs most?

Lewis Watson: i’ve always written about things that i’ve experienced or have witnessed very closely. not only does it make writing the song a bit easier but i feel that it enhances the experience and then, in turn, makes the song mean more to me. they need to resonate with me before they, hopefully, resonate with others.

AMBY: If you had to take the credit for one song, what would it be and why?

Lewis Watson: re: stacks by bon iver, i couldn’t imagine a more perfect piece of music.

AMBY: Who are you listening to at the moment? Any suggestions for my iPod?

Lewis Watson: so many people ! the new alt-j record is a treat. i’ve been listening to the new this will destroy you LP, too. it’s a record that just washes over you, i love it. i always mention him in interviews but it’s with good reason, so listen to anything that matt corby has done, he has one hell of a voice.

AMBY: You had Amber Run supporting you on this your, an amazing up and coming band, how did that come about?

Lewis Watson: for that reason exactly, i heard them at a festival a couple of years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. i always pick my supports because i enjoy their music so i was thrilled when they wanted to do it !

AMBY: If you could collaborate with one person who would it be? Dead or alive?

Lewis Watson: it’d have to be michael jackson or justin vernon, i’d be useless because i’d be in awe but being in awe is brilliant.

AMBY: Thanks so much for talking to us. Finally, what’s something about you that most fans don’t know yet?

Lewis Watson: thank you so much for having me ! i have mayonnaise on everything. absolutely everything x


Thank you Lewis Watson, for giving us your answers!

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