Concert Review + Photos: We Are Scientists, Surfer Blood, + Eternal Summers @ The Horseshoe Tavern – Toronto

We Are Scientists
You say laughter is the best medicine? Eff that! Dancing along to stellar indie-rock can cure the case of the Mondays. Luckily, We are Scientists were in town to help Toronto dance away their blues.

Power trio Eternal Summers did little to stimulate movement from the notoriously still Toronto crowd. Fronted by the fierce guitar play of Nicole Yun, the band from Roanoke, Virginia were a delightful mix of grunginess of garage rock and retro licks of indie-pop. While the music was engaging,Yun and co seemed nervous, keeping banter to a minimum. Sometimes, it’s not just the music that should be doing the talking.

The nearly full house was eating up John Paul Pitts’ eccentric charisma. The Surfer Blood frontman is a throwback example of unpredictable stage personas. You never know what he could do next. One moment he could be making his own 29th birthday announcement. Or crawl his way into the middle of the crowd mid song during ‘Take it Easy’. All these antics livened up the atmosphere, while the diehard fans were yelling along to hits like ‘Miranda’, ‘Demon Dance’ and ‘Swim’. Things were getting sweaty!

Whether it was the cheesy opening music or Keith Murray’s aqua blue bangs, We are Scientists do not take themselves too seriously. That is not to degrade the NY-based trio’s credibility whatsoever, as they have a career that has spanned 4 albums full of material that is equal witty lyricism and catchy melodies. Oldies such as irresistibly catchy ‘Nobody Move’, ‘I Don’t Bite’, top 40 hits like ‘Chick Lit’ and ‘After Hours’ were as much of a crowd favourite as the newer tracks like ‘Dumb Luck’, ‘What You Do Best’ and ballad ‘ Return The Favor’. Throw in the infectious comedic chemistry between Murray and bassist Chris Cain, and you forget that you are having this much fun on a Monday night.

We Are Scientists

Surfer Blood

Eternal Summers

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Review by Nilabjo Banerjee (@nilabjo) | Photos by Vincent Rivera ()

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