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Hey lovely people that read A Music Blog, Yea?.

I’m the frontwoman of a band called JuliaWhy? We’re a three piece from Sydney, Australia. Two boys and one girl (that’s me).

We’ve been together for about a year but I started writing songs when I was ten years old. People say we sound and look like we’re from the 90s (PJ Harvey and Kim Gordon are two of my greatest inspirations, after all.) But yeah we play “garage rock/pop” I suppose. Someone said we’re a bit punk/goth too – a la Siouxsie & The Banshees (biggest compliment ever).

We’ve just released our first single ‘Just One Night’ and a music video too. The music video was made because we won a competition through Triple J – an Australia-wide radio station. We’re pretty lucky and I hope you like the video – it’s pretty funny I think.

We’re going to release about eight more tunes through a label I’m starting with my friend called EXXE RECORDS. The record will be called ‘WHEEL’ and we’re putting it out on cassette cause they’re super cute (and cheap to make).

We’d love to come and play some tunes in Canada next year – invite us? Hehe.

Lots of love,

Julia from JuliaWhy?


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