Getting Cozy With: OhBoy!

Hello AMBY (we know all the anacronyms), lovely to meet you and hello to all!

We are OhBoy! a five piece band from Northampton, England. We draw influences from lots of artists from The Beach Boys to Pavement mixed in with a tub of Weezer and Eels.

We like to do as much as we can ourselves so we recorded our latest EP in an old insane asylum ourselves, played the instruments ourselves too, we aren’t The Monkees.

I’ll give you a run down of our member;

Jay – Lead Vocals, Guitar.

Lee – Lead Guitar

Phil – Bass

Lou – BV’s and Lead Vocals

Mark – Drums

Our new EP came out today which is the day I am writing this, (20th October for those reading in the future) you can find it on iTunes: and on shiny Vinyl. We have a nice string of gigs coming up starting tomorrow so we had better get rehearsing and definitely not messing around.

If you fancy inviting us to Canada we would love to gig there!




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