Three That Matter: Cody McGraw discusses his favourite songs

Three That Matter Cody McGraw
Welcome to Three That Matter — our new segment where we ask our friends and artists in the industry about their favourite three tracks at the moment. We’re all about sharing the music and the tracks we (the AMBY team) love, and wanted to involve more people to share what they love. Today we feature Cody McGraw, enjoy his three that matter!

I work for Universal Music Canada and my main focus is helping our domestic artists learn how to use social media. I also get to run our classic rock brand MusicVaultz and the social media (Facebook/Twitter) associated with it. Further to that I work with blogs to help them get opportunities with our artists on their sites. Having been a music journalist/editor for many years, it’s nice to be able to help out the blogger community.

Jenny Lewis – Head Underwater

Bahamas – Waves [album version here]

Patti Smith Poppies

[youtube id=”NqAoUDAtb40″ width=”615″ height=”185″]

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