Exclusive Video Premiere: Nik Lloyd – “Who Knew”

Nik Lloyd
North Wales’ singer, songwriter, and producer Nik Lloyd drops his new EP Home on November 17th. Taken from the forthcoming release, Lloyd’s debut single Who Knew displays his gritty yet infectious acoustic sound and self-described “street pop”.

Nik has been writing songs since he was nine years old. Reflecting on his lyricism, he states:

“My lyrics always come out the way I’d say them as if I was telling somebody in a pub. I use the same slang as I would talking to one of my friends. This often makes for some serious subject matter because I focus on real life matters in a small town.”

With that said, it’s great to see an artist who’s not holding anything back with his listeners (you’ll see what we mean when you hear the bridge in Who Knew). You can catch Nik Lloyd at his upcoming EP Launch Party on November 15th at The George and Dragon in Flint and watch the video exclusively on A Music Blog, Yea? below:

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