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Metro Station
After a four year hiatus, Los Angeles pop-rock duo Metro Station are finally back and released their new EP Gold on October 14th. In support of the release, the band embarked on a North American tour with friend The Ready Set and will play Toronto’s El Mocambo tonight. It was our pleasure giving Mason Musso and Trace Cyrus a call last night before the show to discuss their thoughts on Gold, a search for happiness, performing together for the first time in years, hobbies, and Tim Hortons. Enjoy!

AMBY: Hey Mason and Trace, thanks for having a chat with me today! I’m excited to discuss this new release with you.

Trace Cyrus: Thanks so much.

AMBY: It’s my pleasure. After over four years of being apart, you finally got back together last October and fans couldn’t be happier. When was the moment you both knew it was time to get back together and start recording some new music?

Trace Cyrus: Mason texted me about a year ago — it was October of last year and we’ve been recording for about a year now. We took a lot of time preparing to make the launch as successful as possible; we announced a tour, a single, and new EP all in the same day. We’re on tour now and we’re having a lot of fun.

AMBY: Congrats on the release of the new EP, Gold.

Mason Musso: Thank you.

AMBY: What was the experience like recording this new material together?

Trace Cyrus: It’s great. We got to work with a bunch of new producers on the EP and we feel like our sound has matured a lot. We liked experimenting in the studio and coming up with different song concepts and stuff like that. We’re happy with the EP. We’re also excited for next year because we plan on releasing another full-length record. The EP is kind of a way to let our fans know that me and Mason are back together and that we’re really doing this.

AMBY: You mentioned how you feel your sound has matured a lot – I feel the release still has that signature electro-pop feel with the danceable melodies, but you made the lyrics far more personal. When it came to recording, who or what influenced or inspired this new-found lyrical depth?

Trace Cyrus: I don’t know anyone in specific, but we kind of spoke about life experiences and we came up with storylines. It all starts with a concept and we just feed off of that. There aren’t really certain bands that we’re trying to sound like – we’re just trying to be Metro Station and do what comes naturally.

AMBY: When it comes to the title, what’s the significance behind calling the release Gold? What’s that symbolize to you?

Mason Musso: To me, it symbolizes youth and I don’t really know [laughs]. What do you think, Trace?

Trace Cyrus: Gold to me is a search for happiness – it was dealing with my struggle with drug addiction, alcoholism, finding the right girl in my life, and my search to be happy. It’s about having all of this money and riches, but at the end of the day, it’s not enough to make me happy. That’s it, basically.

AMBY: As you mentioned earlier, in support of the EP’s release, you’re on a co-headlining tour with The Ready Set. Which is pretty perfect since Forever Young, off the EP, actually features Jordan. How’s the tour been going?

Trace Cyrus: It’s been great. He comes out every night and we perform the song together and it’s doing better than we expected; every night we’re packing the venues. We stay out after our show and try to meet every kid at the merch table. We’re trying to be humble this time and not take it for granted. We feel like God gave us a second chance and we’re trying to enjoy it as much as possible.

AMBY: Was it easy for you to get back in the groove of performing live?

Mason Musso: It feels very natural. When me and Trace get together, we just click.

Trace Cyrus: Of course, the first show or two we had some jitters [laughs] – we still probably get a little nervous every night. It does feel al lot better. We’re about a week into tour and we’re back into the routine. It’s really cool.

AMBY: When it comes to your on-stage performances, they always look fun and as energetic as your music. What’s a funny or memorable story you could share with our readers about one of your shows?

Trace Cyrus: Last night we played Indianapolis…

AMBY: We actually had someone out there covering that show!

Trace Cyrus: Nice. That’s awesome to hear. It was a hard crowd to win over, but I think we did it. Every city is always different, but the kids seemed really shy last night. I try to make sure that everyone leaves there exhausted like me. Nothing too crazy happens during our live shows; we just want everyone to feel safe and have a good time. We want them to leave there wanting more.

AMBY: Outside of performing and recording as Metro Station, what are some things you both like to do for fun?

Trace Cyrus: I like to stay home. I have two puppies and I like to spend time with them, I like to smoke weed, I like to write songs in my home studio, and that’s about all I like to do when I’m at home.

AMBY: How about yourself, Mason?

Mason Musso: Smoke!

AMBY and Metro Station: [laughs]

Trace Cyrus: He’s a cigarette smoker.

Mason Musso: I’m a food guy, so I like going out for nice meals and stuff like that. I also live by the beach, so I go out to the beach a lot and hang out there. I play video games, too.

AMBY: Being a food guy, what are some meals you look out for or crave while touring?

Mason Musso: We were just looking for a Tim Hortons. We love that place. We finally found one in Detroit but it was actually closed by the time we got there.

AMBY: That’s odd… I’m not sure about in Detroit, but a lot of them in Canada have 24 hour drive-thrus. Make sure to get some while here.

Mason Musso: I know!

Trace Cyrus: I think they lied to us. I think they just didn’t want to serve us.

AMBY and Metro Station: [laughs]

AMBY: You’ve both known each other for eight years now. What’s something interesting that you’ve learned about one another over that time?

Mason Musso: We’re pretty boring.

Trace Cyrus: [laughs] Yea. Me and Mason always say that we’re like Yin and Yang; complete opposites but at the same time, we’re very similar. We level each other out, which is great.

AMBY: With that said, what’s the best part of being in Metro Station together?

Trace Cyrus: Getting to meet all of these fans and getting to play together. It feels right.


Thank you Metro Station, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Alicia Atout | @AliciaAtout

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