Playlist of the Week: Happy Halloween

Playlist of the Week | Happy Halloween
Boo, it’s Halloween season. I say season because Halloween has seemed to be prolonged and stretched out over the month of October as of late. I remember it simply consisting of one day when I was little. That said, anticipation consumed the weeks beforehand with dreams of dressing as a mouse, which I did for four years straight until I grew too big for the costume and cried when the seems ripped. Nowadays, Halloween irritatingly devours peoples minds, clothes, conversation, and diet for the entire month. I am rather indifferent towards Halloween, it can be fun, if you are a child. The parties are usually decent, if tastefully done. It can be scary, if you believe in ghosts (which I definitely do). So maybe, in the shadows of my secrets, I am not so much irritated by the buzz around Halloween but actually slightly afraid of it. My imagination drifts to thoughts of ghosts lurking the streets while children scurry about for candy. I do have ghost stories to share, but ghost stories are only worth telling in person… As for the songs, they aren’t all exactly Halloween related, some of them could come across as a tad creepy, but that is the extent of it. Happy Halloween!

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Playlist by Josefa Cameron

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