Getting Cozy With: Oceanic

Hello there Amby readers.

I am from Copenhagen, Denmark and Oceanic is a new project of mine. I previously used the name E Bird and released an EP and an album. My first EP with Oceanic is called Rupture and is to be released on October 13th. The music is ramshackle and folky. At times bleak, other times more dreamy. Basically it’s songs about the usual stuff like horses, jealousy, the struggle of depression, insomnia etc. Nostalgic in an as best as like way.

I am inspired by various people like Roy Orbison, Raekwon the Chef, Dan Bejar of Destroyer (he is Canadian btw), Henry Miller and films featuring Burt Lancaster (especially The Crimson Pirate).

Well, I don’t have a pet and I’d like to live some place warmer at some point.

Love, peace etc.

Tue Ebert


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