You’ve GOT to Hear This: The Backhanders – “Down by the River/Campfire”

The Backhanders
The Backhanders are a newly formed 4 piece hailing from the northern capital of music, Manchester! Which at the moment is producing some of the finest new talent since the Madchester era.

The band is made up of Stephen Chadwick, Pete Clark, Matty Owen, and Ashley Taylor. They formed a little over 6 months ago and to date have only played a handful of gigs, but the handful they have played have been a massive success.

Their first gig at Manchester’s Academy 3 sold out in days! They then went on to support Twisted Wheel at the Kraak Gallery in February; these gigs brought them to the attention of local radio stations and in particular Terry Christian who gave the bands early demo song “Memory Lane” regular air play on his show.

With all the buzz of the gigs and airplay of “Memory Lane”, the band took themselves off to Blueprint Studios to record a two track double A side EP consisting of “Down by the river” and “Campfire”.

I was looking forward to hearing the EP to see how the band had progressed from “Memory Lane” which in my opinion is a great track and well worthy of national air play. “Memory Lane” is a tune very reminiscent of an early Stone Roses tune in style but in more ways it has the stamp of the bands own unique style to it.

Well the EP did not disappoint! The 1st track “Campfire” is a Clash inspired track and is dedicated to Joe Strummer. This is mainly down to Joe’s wife who gave the band a photo album which included random lyrics underneath photos. With Joe’s wife’s permission they added their own words and came up with “Campfire”.

The track bursts in with a sustained distorted chord straight into a riff with a blues harp. The vocals are effortless and are laid back and at other times more up-tempo. The track finishes off with a quality blues harp and a guitar solo, all in all a quality tune!

We are then treated to what in my opinion is the outstanding track of the EP “Down by the River”. This is a complete contrast to “Campfire” and further shows us the musical and song writing talents of The Backhanders. The track opens with a nice flowing guitar riff…. then the drums kick in with what best can be described as an instant toe tapping beat which flows through the short but vocally and musically impressive 2 minutes and 20 seconds. The vocals add to the track starting off calmly then building to more urgency which helps builds the song up to a crescendo of vocals and then you are hit with the great addition of the piano which compliments the tune amazingly.

The band have some high profile gig dates due shortly and will be supporting Puppet Rebellion at Sounds of The City at Manchester’s Deaf Institute on June 21st. For more info on this gig, click here.

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