Getting Cozy With: Holy

Hello AMBY. Thanks for having us.

We are Holy, and we are four twenty-somethings from Middle Earth (real Tolkien country, ie the countryside surrounding Birmingham) who play psych influenced indie rock. We aim to channel the immediacy and wanderlust of Beat literature through good vibrations, combining Bob Dylan’s poetics, the space and feeling of 13th Floor Elevators and The Brian Jonestown Massacre with the frenetic energy of The Libertines and The Rolling Stones.

London’s own Killing Moon label were kind enough to put Firebreather, our first track, onto their recent New Moons Vol II compilation. There is a visual accompaniment that we shot and edited ourselves at a hometown show in our local watering hole.

So if you dig the track, kindly follow us on Facebook and/ or Twitter, and be patient, we’re currently scheming for 2015, which will involve a releasing new music and lots & lots & lots of gigs.

Thanks for reading, see you on the road.

Get free & unlock yr minds.

With love,

D, A, H & H. xo


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