Concert Review + Photos: Les Sins @ The Hoxton – Toronto

Les Sins
Chaz Bradley Bundick, along with his Toro y Moi appellation, is arguably the poster boy of the “chill-wave” genre. With his designation of wobbly synth-pop and cooed vocal stylings, he has in turn amassed fans and garnered critical nods, affording him an ability pursue side projects where he can spin to his heart’s content. We are talking an appetite that is funky, goofy, and just plain head bobbing.

Enter Les Sins, Bundick’s DJ alter-ego. Yes, there may be an impulse to compare its tapestry to that of his Toro y Moi bread and butter, yet at Friday night’s Hoxton show, he not only peeled back those semblances, he spread the wealth, switching from cuts off his new album to past gems like “Grind.” Surprisingly, Bundick’s kaleidoscopic vinyl-crate reverie found time to let its sonic guard down, throwing back to guilty treats from Boys II Men and Justin Timberlake (to name a few). Evidently, even “indie” darlings are not impervious to mainstream touchstones.

The crowd fell under his spell, doused in lights of steely blue and hot pink. Never pandering, but always keeping them guessing, Bundick rarely misstepped amid his two hour set. “Well-received” may be an understatement. The Toronto crowd danced and swayed without abandon, indoctrinated by a man steeped in so many genres, he summons the uncanny ability to sound retro and utterly modern.

Now that is sinful.

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Review and Photos by Myles Herold |

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