Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ American Sharks

American Sharks

“We’re getting to do what we’ve always wanted to do for our whole lives – we’re actually accomplishing goals that we set for ourselves a long time ago. That’s a special thing.”


Texas-based stoner-rock trio American Sharks are currently touring their self-titled record while on a North American tour with Gwar. Soon to play Toronto’s The Opera House on December 9th, we gave the band a call to discuss partying with Gwar, their love for David Bowie, apple bongs, and creating quick songs. Enjoy!

AMBY: Hey American Sharks! Thanks for chatting with AMBY today.

American Sharks: No problem.

AMBY: You’re currently on tour with Gwar in support of your latest record’s release. What has that experience been like?

American Sharks: It’s a lot of fun. The people in Gwar like to party, so every night is like a huge party. It’s the biggest party we’ve ever been to!

AMBY: They seem like pretty normal guys underneath the alien and warrior costumes.

American Sharks: Oh yea. Well… I don’t know if I’d call them “normal”.

AMBY and American Sharks: [laughs]

American Sharks: They’re pretty awesome dudes under there. They invited us for Thanksgiving and that was great.

AMBY: I know that Gwar’s fans are very hardcore. When playing for them all, how has the crowd been reacting to your music?

American Sharks: Very well. It’s been really positive. There’s a huge mosh pit every night and people are throwing joints on stage for us. It’s great.

AMBY: [laughs] You’ve been on the road since October, so what have been some of your touring highlights? I saw a photograph of you at a David Bowie museum exhibit and know how inspirational he is to the band.

American Sharks: Totally. I was looking forward to it the whole tour. That was one of the coolest things that I’ve ever done. There have been a lot of cool times on tour, though.

AMBY: What else have you came across that you enjoyed?

American Sharks: We had a really good night in Las Vegas and came across a great restaurant. We went to the Double R Diner and got some cherry pie and a cup of coffee.

AMBY: When it comes to touring, what are some quintessential items you must packed have with you?

American Sharks: Apples because they’re what we smoke out of, wet wipes, my 3DS. WEED. We need weed. That’s pretty much it.

AMBY and American Sharks: [laughs]

AMBY: Being the reason you’re on tour, I want to discuss the record a bit. You released your latest album in September of last year. What are your thoughts on the record now that there’s been some time to reflect on it?

American Sharks: We like it, you know? It’s good because since we’re touring now because people already have the album and people know the words to the songs. There’s some more energy in the room.

AMBY: With nine tracks on the release, it clocks in just a few ticks more than 20 minutes. What inspired you to make the songs around two minutes each? It’s very Ramones-ey.

American Sharks: We didn’t find a reason to make longer songs. We were making songs and didn’t think they had to keep going – why force it? Some bands start ripping because they can’t help it. Generally in pop music, the songs are shorter and I think we’re influenced by what comes out.

AMBY: Speaking of what comes out; I’d like to get a sense of what music you’re into lately. If you could curate your dream concert line-up, who would you like to be in it?

American Sharks: ELO are touring American soon, Electric Light Orchestra, and we’re pretty excited for that. Also David Bowie! I would love to have The Beatles play. We like a lot of that stuff. I also really like the new King Tuff album, so he could play the show.

AMBY: Lastly, what’s the best part of being in American Sharks?

American Sharks: Not a lot [laughs]. We’re getting to do what we’ve always wanted to do for our whole lives – we’re actually accomplishing goals that we set for ourselves a long time ago. That’s a special thing.


Thank you American Sharks, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Alicia Atout | @AliciaAtout

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