Three That Matter: Sacha Miller discusses her favourite songs

Three That Matter | Sacha Miller
Welcome to Three That Matter — our new segment where we ask our friends and artists in the industry about their favourite three tracks at the moment. We’re all about sharing the music and the tracks we (the AMBY team) love, and wanted to involve more people to share what they love. Today we feature Sacha Miller, enjoy her three that matter!

For the record, selecting only three songs is way more challenging then I thought! After jumping around from more diverse and less genre specific playlists, I decided to just keep it weird and simple :) The following list includes three of my favourite tracks right now from three of my favourite local bands. As Publicity Manager at Audio Blood, I work with a number of bands, brands and festivals including CMW, Festival d’éte, SCENE fest and M for Montreal.

Buttercup by Weaves

Crimes of the Future, pt 1 by Soupcans

Uncle Carmin Cruise Ship Cuba by New Fries

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