Three That Matter: Parker Bossley discusses his favourite songs

Three That Matter | Parker Bossley
Welcome to Three That Matter — our new segment where we ask our friends and artists in the industry about their favourite three tracks at the moment. We’re all about sharing the music and the tracks we (the AMBY team) love, and wanted to involve more people to share what they love. Today we feature Parker Bossley (lead vocalist of Gay Nineties), enjoy his three that matter!

For You into In Love by Prince (video is for Breakfast Can Wait) – I can’t stop listening to these two songs in a row. The Queen style vocal introduction with reverse vocal nods to what was to come with the Purple Rain record… Into in my opinion one of Prince’s sexiest grooves. Inspiration. Every single thing that Prince sings is insanely perfect. Feel good funk.

[youtube id=”GHbyNrGXpAA” width=”615″ height=”185″]

Rashida by Rufus Wainwright – ‘I got the outfit for the party, but you’ve taken away the invitation’. Rufus has inspired me countless times with his brutally honest approach to singing and lyrics. He turns a misplaced invitation into a song that channels Marc Bolan and Bowie. The back up vocals are beautiful. This song has been a constant in the late night listening van hangs on tour for Gay Nineties.

[youtube id=”yFnWvqsY9sE” width=”615″ height=”185″]

Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey by Paul McCartney – In a small house in Victoria, BC the Gay Nineties became blood brothers to the tune of this song. It was a knife from Bruce our keyboard players belt. A European model watched the happenings. Wings is big time for us.

[youtube id=”1ma8OhzFdIA” width=”615″ height=”185″]

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