You’ve GOT to Hear This: Forged Artifacts – The Greatest of All-Time #1

The Greatest of All Time #1I’m increasingly finding that Minneapolis’ music scene is offering more and more of the most exciting bands that fall under the punk category. Local Twin Cities label Forged Artifacts agree with me, that perhaps the home of Hüsker Dü and The Replacements is going through another golden era of incredible music. To celebrate, they have released The Greatest of All-Time #1, a compilation of the eleven most promising artists investing in punk.

The diversity of the genre which the featured artists devote to is simply fantastic. Whether it’s the rock n’ roll garage tones of France Camp, or the experimental-electro of Rupert Angeleyes, you will be hard-pressed not to find something on this tape that will slap you in the face. It’s virtually impossible to find a favourite here, as everything is so potent in itself – jumping from the chimey guitars of Real Numbers, to the bass-driven Kitten Forever, highlights how refreshing it is to explore the genre at a deeper level.

The compilation features more well-known names like Frankie Teardrop and Teenage Moods, and also gives smaller groups like Huge Lewis and Shakin’ Babies a wider platform for exposure. Being based in the UK, I found that this is ample opportunity to get to know your Minnesota punk. The tape’s only $5, and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed – this is the greatest of all-time, after all.

Stream the compilation below, and purchase The Greatest of All-Time #1 here.

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Review by Luke Halls | @lukewhalls

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