You’ve GOT to See This: Peace – “World Pleasure”

Peace released a music video for “World Pleasure” last week. Releasing the track earlier this year, relentless touring doesn’t seem to have dampened their spirits and appetite to produce more music.

“World Pleasure” is an epic song by Peace’s standards, lasting nearly six and a half minutes the slow paced tune has a catchy, jagged and uplifting beat with a similarly elevating chorus. With a long instrumental interlude the song builds and is skilfully crafted into an eccentric piece of music. The sound of sharp and harsh guitar strokes can be heard playing messily over orchestral sounds, which bring out and emphasise the positive feeling you get when listening to the song.

Taken from their forthcoming LP, the song lyrically sounds pristine and refined, even if a little bizarre and strange at times with “feral youth and laser guns” it pushes the boundaries of their writing capabilities, including fresh and new ideas. Lyrics like “maybe I was not born brave” certainly don’t set the tone for what can only be described as an audacious piece of music.

The long interlude featured in the song accompanied with a short distorted guitar solo, truly builds up the song. Adding instruments slowly and individually creates a steady climb to a chorus which brandishes orchestral instruments, giving the song a burst of life and edging them into new experimental territory. This new terrain is something we expected to hear from the new song as earlier in the year the band revealed to NME that it was to showcase front man Harry Koisser’s first foray into rapping. Although this at the time seemed like a preposterous idea the first verse of ‘World Pleasure’ displays rap like singing resembling that of a more slurry ‘ghost poet’.

This experimentation is a concept that cannot be ignored when listening to ‘World Pleasure’. Unlike the band’s debut album which showcased a mixture of psychedelic and indie rock, this song seems to include various ideas that contain elements of soul and hip hop. Again full of originality and showing potential, the song has undoubtedly created a lot of excitement for new album ‘Happy People’.

With this song Peace have hardly laboriously churned out more of the same, but have released a song with a new splash of creativity which appears to have been taken straight from rehearsal. Drumming that sounds not too distant from funk and groove the flurry of ideas that all seem to be compressed into this one song fit together almost perfectly. Different styles seem to come effortlessly together, complimenting each other the band seem to have organised the chaos and produced a different and new sound we’ve not heard before.

Review by Jacob Flannery |

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