Which celeb would you pay to come to your party?

If you could afford it, who would you invite to a big birthday bash, or perhaps to sing at your wedding? The number of celebrities out there who are willing to come along to a private party and fulfil the role of guest, entertainment and wow factor for all the other guests is high. But so are the price tags that they attach to attending private functions.

For many of us, it would be a never-fulfilled dream to see one of our favourite celebs at our own party, but there are plenty of people who seem to be able to stump up the requisite cash. Perhaps it’s one way you could splash some of the cash if you won a lottery like EuroMillions, where the jackpot reaches into hundreds of millions. Find out more about the draw at www.euro-millions.co and then while you’re waiting for your numbers to come up, think about which celeb you’d want to be singing or just hanging out at your lottery win celebration.

See if any of these examples inspire you. British business tycoon Sir Philip Green celebrated his 50thbirthday in Cyprus, but he invited 250 guests to share the fun with him, along with singers Rod Stewart and Tom Jones. Financier David Bonderman had already had the Rolling Stones and John Mellencamp come to his 60th birthday party, so he had to choose different celebs to join him for his 70th – he settled on the late Robin Williams and Paul McCartney.

Celine Dion apparently took part in a private party to celebrate 50 years of Wal-Mart and Jenifer Lopez sang Happy Birthday to the Turkmenistan dictator-president, Gubanguly Berdimuhamedow, at a China Petroleum Group party. She sang three other songs at the same event and was paid more than $1million. But the fee didn’t come without some costs for Lopez – she got a lot of negative media attention for performing for someone with a dubious human rights’ record and followed it up with a public apology.

If you want a private concert performed by the Eagles, put more than $5million aside, but apparently the Rolling Stones will come in a little bit cheaper than that. And if you just want a couple of famous people to turn up to your party and not actually perform in any way, the Kardashians charge something like $30,000 each, while Charlie Sheen’s price tag is $250,000.

It’s probably not worth worrying about who you’d pay to come to your party until you have the means available. Get online and pick yourself some lucky lotto numbers!

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