You’ve GOT to See This: Ben Howard – “Hideaway (Kiesza Cover)”

Ben Howard
I’m sure by now you’ve heard Kiesza’s song ‘Hideaway’ on the radio, but Ben Howard puts a touching spin on the track as he covers the song for BBC Radio 1. Ben Howard is known for his emotional voice and the magic he is able to produce with his guitar. When I first watched the video, he starts of light and I wasn’t sure where he was going with this song, but at the 1 minute mark of this video, he blew me away. He takes the single and converts it so well onto the guitar; the original release is used for dancing, and although this sounds more heartfelt, you can see Ben Howard’s fingers dancing as they fingerpick along his guitar. Enjoy the video below, but don’t forget to check out Ben Howard’s original work, as he released a new album in October!

Review by Tiffany Lee |

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