You’ve GOT to See This: NewVillager – “Lighthouse”


I remember the day I stumbled across the performance art that is NewVillager. Procrastination had set and the cubicle walls surrounding my desk felt as if they were closing in. I needed to find anything that would help the last hour of my internship go quickly. Looking through the related artist’s videos in the corner of my screen, I saw a song titled “Lighthouse” and decided to click it. I instantly messaged a co-worker two cubicles down and insisted she listen. “It’s like an art installment in my cubicle,” was the response I got back.

Ross Simonini, Ben Bromley, and Collin Palmer do just that with their self-titled album. Sticking to the NewVillager mythology, a creative process to combine their musical and visual talents, “Lighthouse” was created. The synth-pop song begins drawing the listener in with a low chant going into the first verse to reveal a soulful opening. Then starts the dynamic chorus asking the listeners to “see what you never see.” The video brings this statement to life and then some with its costumes, performances, and unique characters. An art installment if you will.

“Lighthouse” is only one song on this compelling and progressive album. Give the other songs a listen, and you may fall in love with NewVillager just as I have.

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