Getting Cozy With: Highlives

Hey guys,

We’re Highlives, a pop punk five piece from the UK. We’re all really good friends that enjoy making music together. We practice in Bristol, as the band are all originally from around that area. However, Liam (Vocals) and Mark (Bass) are currently studying at university in London, and frequently travel back and forth. 

I think our friendship shows through when we’re on stage. We like to have a laugh, and we try our best to make sure the audience has as much fun as possible. Crowd participation is a must, and you can expect some sing alongs if you come and catch us live!

The band started in 2012, consisting of three members; Jordan Cross (Guitar/Vocals), Mark Prouse (Drums), and Liam Edwards (Bass/Vocals). We wrote a few simple demos in Jordan’s room, and went on a small tour around the UK after only a few practices. Our first show ever was in Bournemouth with Ashestoangels. Since then we have acquired Ben Lucas (Guitar), who enjoys drinking beer and taking selfies, and Steve Parks (Drums) who enjoys feeding his Llamas and shopping in Burton. With the addition of two new members, Liam moved to just vocals, and Mark moved over to Bass.

We recently released our ‘Through Vacant Eyes’ EP, consisting of two tracks that we put a lot of time and effort into. It’s short, but we figured that’s better than an EP full of songs that we aren’t completely happy with. We hope to release something bigger in the near future.

We have also recently recorded two tracks for a split with Nothing Gold Can Stay, who are a really cool band from Canada. It also features Ashley Cadwallader (Ex-Smalls). This was released for free on December 16th!

Hopefully see you at a show soon,

Highlives X


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