Getting Cozy With: The Scruff

The Scruff
In an ever-changing musical world where everybody is looking to be the big thing or the next new sound, we decided it would be much more fun to just try and write good songs that people can vibe with and enjoy for what they are. Through sheer will, determination, and a lot of beers along the way we’ve found that a lot of people seem to share that same view. Crowds have been growing steadily at our live shows for the past couple of years and we’ve been lucky enough to have gained some notable support slots along the way as a result. After sharing stages with the likes of Pete Doherty, The Subways, and more recently Gaz Coombes we’re now just pushing harder than ever to put ourselves even further out there in the hope that more like-minded souls will venture out to see the fun we’re having in 2015! We’d quite happily tell you we’re one of the best live bands on the UK circuit right now but why take our word for it?! To find out when you can catch us next head over to our Facebook for full gig listings.


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