Three That Matter: Kaitlyn Davies discusses her favourite songs

Three That Matter | Kaitlyn Davies

Welcome to Three That Matter — our new segment where we ask our friends and artists in the industry about their favourite three tracks at the moment. We’re all about sharing the music and the tracks we (the AMBY team) love, and wanted to involve more people to share what they love. Today we feature Kaitlyn Davies, enjoy her three that matter!

Hey, I’m Kaitlyn! I work for Audio Blood, an artist and brand development company in Toronto, handling all things artist management. When I’m not at work, I enjoy stuffing my brain with music and good books, and hunting for the city’s best 90’s dance party.  Here are the three songs I can’t get enough of:

Beggin For Thread by BANKS

True by Operators

i by Kendrick Lamar

[youtube id=”8aShfolR6w8″ width=”615″ height=”185″]

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