You’ve GOT to Hear This: Banks – “Waiting Game”

LA’s Banks is one of last years most forward thinking newcomers and she has been on the tip of many tongues since the releases of her debut tracks, Before I Met You, Warm Water, and Fall Over. One of her newer song seems to really exemplify the tone of Bank’s soft yet very powerful voice. Banks has really learned how to tell stories in her songs, and Waiting Game is no exception. Waiting Game is very eloquent at the beginning, then a fast rough beat comes in. It certainly is a must listen.

The most fascinating object in this song is Banks’ voice. She continuously sounds as though she’s singing with half of a breath in her lungs. What begins as a mild-mannered piano ballad is swiftly overthrown by roiling subbass, right after Banks offers up her thesis: “What if I never even see you ’cause we’re both on a stage…I don’t wanna say your love is a waiting game.” There’s a restlessness to her delivery, as if patience is the only thing that she is currently incapable of. In this particular song, Banks provides us with a ballad and intense atmospheric noises. The song goes through a sinister vibe, and she proves with her vocal range in this song that she can produce a more than dramatic sound.

I like this song particularly for the sound of it. Her voice flows fluidly and quite soft through the rough detached beats, and it creates something artistic, which Banks should really be proud of. In my opinion, she perfectly describes a relationship that is too hard to let go of, but to stressful to leave, and for the majority of the readers, we can relate, well at least I can. I also find that when you can relate to a song, it creates a much stronger emotion that wasn’t there in the first place.

This song isn’t meant for just any playlist. I find that you need to be in a specific mood to listen to it, but if it randomly shows up on your phone on shuffle, don’t skip it because ‘you’re not in the mood to listen to a song like this’. Banks has proved that she can deliver a great song, and although you may not want to listen to it on the same playlist as Happy by Pharrell, it’s good for just about any playlist.

Review by Alexandria Hay | @alex_hayy

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