Getting Cozy With: Kentish Fire

Kentish Fire
We’re Kentish Fire, a militia from Camden in London and we fight the noble fight of bringing the indie disco message to the people.

Our synth player happens to work in film and is always on the look out for new and exciting music video concepts. It’s because of him that we came to film a crazily ambitious 360 degree music video for our latest single, ‘In Our Band’, using the same camera used to create Google Street view.

The video is about a band who’s had to resort to playing covers and is on an epic journey to get to a gig. The filming mission took us on a surreal adventure across London, travelling  on speedboats, cable cars, Boris bikes and rickshaws, confusing tourists left right and centre with our strange ‘Ladybug’ camera strapped to a dubious-looking pole!

It also involved a Kickstarter project to fund the final ‘Anna rap’ scene, which was filmed at legendary Soho venue Madame Jojo’s and involved a cast and crew of over 150 people. The results are pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves – please check it out.


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