Getting Cozy With: Mark Martyre

Mark Martyre
Photo by Victoria Ilgacs

Good evening.

Well, I’m struggling to say anything more than that.

What can I say about myself that won’t feel that nauseating to me? Probably not much. Besides, more information – if you really want it – is just a few clicks away.

I’ve never been much for self-congratulatory activities. I’ve spent most of my time trying to avoid the places where the famous, and want-to-be-famous, gather to applaud their seeming greatness. And, at the same time, today I find myself without the constitution to really spill my blood onto the page – which is what comes more naturally to me.

Anyway, I guess there are links nearby. But, before you even read this, you probably already knew how much further you were going to take this relationship. Maybe it’s cynicism, or maybe it’s just realistic – but this might be it for us, right? Then again, maybe you’d like to get even cozier – which would be fine by me.

Either way, I’ll be around.

— Mark


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