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Grizzly Waves
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My name is Luke MacDonald, a singer-songwriter from here in the true north. I play music that others would call ‘folk’ or ‘acoustic’ or ‘indie’, but I don’t call it anything but music. My goal is to write honest songs with substance; while the emotion and subject matter of my material changes, the one thing I hope to remain a constant is a sense of authenticity. Every aspect of Grizzly Waves comes directly from me to you; every word, recording and performance is done by myself. Every handmade t-shirt, every piece of artwork, every status update. You can be sure it’s coming from my mind to your ears, eyes or hands.

In 2014 I was lucky enough to travel across our beautiful country in support of my first EP “I’m Alive, You Are The Whole Creation, Let Our Frequencies Rise”, and along the journey I wrote songs inspired by this amazing place that I call home. The first song I wrote on tour was “Horizons” which is a recounting of that humbling journey.

While out west I was contacted by some talented individuals at Algonquin College in Ottawa, and they were nice enough to accompany “Horizons” with a beautiful video. In the coming months, I’ll be releasing my first full-length album and I’ll be touring to a city near you, so if you’re interested in following my adventure be sure to stay in touch, I love to hear from any fans (or hecklers for that matter, everyone’s opinion is valid).

Thank you so much for taking your time to get cozy with me, your support is endless inspiration.


Luke (Grizzly Waves)


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