Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Geppetto & The Whales

Geppetto & The Whales
Belgium folk pop act Geppetto & The Whales dropped their debut album Heads Of Woe on December 17th. Overflowing with elegant vocal harmonies and heartfelt lyrics, we couldn’t wait to speak with the band behind these gorgeous songs. Dive into our new interview below, as we discuss using three-part harmony, artists from Belgium, and shoe sizes with Geppetto & The Whales.

AMBY: Hello Geppetto And The Whales, thanks for having a chat. Where does our interview find you today?

Geppetto And The Whales: Good afternoon ‘A Music Blog, Yea?’. We are answering these questions from the lovely, yet misty Belgian countryside.

AMBY: You recently released your debut album Heads Of Woe, congrats! What was the most exciting and challenging aspect of making it come to life?

Geppetto And The Whales: For me (Kobe), it was a real pleasure of working with Thom Monahan (Also produced The Errant Charm by Vetiver and Jonathan Wilsons Gentle Spirit). The idea of having an American producer come in, who has worked with countless artists we look up to, was the most exciting for me. Thom is such a great guy, and we’ve learned a lot from him, not only about music. Also the aspect of being in the studio together for 3 weeks straight, almost isolated from society, was great. It really made us feel like we were on an island, trying to complete this record, and we like couldn’t return home until this record was finished.

AMBY: How did the lovely use of three-part harmony become such an important part of your sound?

Geppetto And The Whales: I guess it kind of grew on us. When we just started playing together the three vocalists had come from their own musical project and used to sing lead-vocals in that. So I guess it was evident from the beginning, having these three different great voices, to just try and sing together. We’re all really big fans of harmony, the way The Beatles, Beach Boys and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young used to toy around with it.

AMBY: When it comes to the title, what’s the significance behind calling the album Heads Of Woe?

Geppetto And The Whales: Well, it used to be the original title to the song now called Heads and after an endless search, after the album was already finished and we still hadn’t found a name, I felt like there was a lot of sadness to the album. Not that all of the songs are depressing and we’re having trouble getting up in the morning, but the good kind of sadness, you know. I also liked how these combination of words sounded like they came from somewhere else, like they are something out of someone else’s book or a poem and we didn’t come up with them, for me, that’s usually a good sign to go with it.

AMBY: Which other artists from Belgium should we keep our eyes on?

Geppetto And The Whales: I would definitely look out for Madensuyu, which is a really great energy/space/postrock-duo, and also Bed Rugs, who have already played some shows over-seas I think. Robbing Millions is really nice too.

AMBY: Where would your dream concert take place and who would be in the line-up?

Geppetto And The Whales: I don’t think our music, at the moment, would fit on really big stages or stadiums. For us, bigger is not always better. I’d rather play a really cosy festival somewhere out in the woods, where people actually come to listen to your music and to enjoy it, than on some really big spot on a festival like Coachella or Rock Werchter. (Ofcourse, we wouldn’t mind playing those!) Maybe the line-up could be somewhere along with Mark Kozelek, Moonface, Akron/Family and Megafaun.

AMBY: Lastly, what’s something about Geppetto And The Whales that nobody knows yet?

Geppetto And The Whales: Hmm..

Shoesize Sander: 12

Shoesize Kobe: 8,5

Shoesize Nikas: 9,5 (left) – 9 (right)

And nobody knows who Geppetto is… ‘nobody’ includes us. But people keep asking so we tell them lies or made-up stories, mostly out of boredom. We’re really happy it wasn’t a question in this interview, because we’ve run out of good stories.


Thank you Geppetto & The Whales, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Alicia Atout | @AliciaAtout

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