Getting Cozy With: Motopony

Hi there we are Motopony, a space minded sextet from Seattle Washington where we live and play and imagine the end of the world and how we had better learn to be in great relationships with the people on our street.  Soon we are going to need each other!  We like to think of our music as a sort of transformative healing gnosis hidden in the folds of a 70s ninja’s sleeves.   It’s subliminal AND luminal!  No it’s not a cult but you can come over and we will read your poker hand like tarot if you win!

We just got done with our first international tour and the major work of our second album.  Somewhere in the middle we got to do a handful of tracking at Abbey Road!  To us that’s like a catholic altar boy being invited to play the pipe organ with the pope.

We are looking forward to building a castle of subversive art and new beat poetry as our families grow and we continue supporting ourselves with psychedelic pop songs you only think are selling you a Volvo.

“The moon is just a spaceship, parked here like a drive-in movie before we crawled out of the primordial facelift all lizard-like and groovy.  The show must be better at night.  They watch us destroy ourselves for gold like we watch errant colored ant colonies crumble over crumbs of bread. The empire never fell my man.  I said, the emperor he ain’t dead.” -some beat poet



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