Concert Review + Photos: Rustie, Nadus, + Remy Banks @ The Music Hall Of Williamsburg – New York

Rustie, Nadus, + Remy Banks @ The Music Hall Of Williamsburg
Photographing this show is a huge highlight in my live music photography passion. I got to photograph two of my favorite DJ’s/Producers, Nadus and Rustie. Nadus is recognized for his banger “Nxwxrk,” (Newark) but can also throw down one hell of a music set.

I find Nadus inspiring because he continued to add all different music influences into his set, like New Orleans Bounce music which he calls “Jersey Music” (which is totally O.K. with me because he takes the influence, changes it, and makes it his own) he spun his remix of RL Grimes infamous single “Core,” and did a tribute to the late DJ Rashad at the end of his graphic set. While a calm spirit on stage, Nadus is the epitome of a DJ. He is completely capable of creating a mood with music for a room full of people.

Nadus is so faithful to his hometown, Newark, New Jersey. I wish I could feel the same way about my hometown. I could tell that his upbringing was a huge part of his musical influences.

Next up was Remy Banks and his squad “World’s Fair.” This set surprised me because I wasn’t ready for it, which was technically good and changed the experience. While his squad did throw water into the crowd and got my camera soaked, I enjoyed the performance because I truly am a rowdy mosh pit girl at heart. I try not to go all out while I am “working” (this in parentheses because it barely feels like work, more like a dream) but you know, I got to stay somewhat professional.

All of the men had long locks, whether it was a fro, a lions mane, or in a dainty braid down their back.

Rustie’s performance was impeccable. A lot of DJ’s aren’t about going crazy on stage, which ironically both Nadus and Rustie weren’t about that life, but what made his performance so amazing is he kept the hype music playing through out the whole show. He started with Raptor, moved into some of his other Green Language songs (his latest album) and of course brought out the Danny B. I couldn’t help myself but go a little insane.

I was beyond ecstatic, because even though the angle I was shooting him from wasn’t great for a photographer, he was literally djing right above me. He is also really damn cute, so I couldn’t have been happier. Both Nadus and Rustie had technical difficulties during the show, but banged them out, and everyone forgot it ever happened. They both handled the problems so graciously, I was proud.


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Review and Photos by Morgan Zakarin | @thefashionchica

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