Getting Cozy With: Alex Balanko

Alex Balanko
Hey AMBY readers!

My name’s Alex Balanko; I’m an acoustic-based singer/songwriter from Vancouver, BC. I write/perform pop folk music, along the lines of Jason Mraz, Ed Sheeran, Ben Howard and the likes (PS these are some of my favourite artists!). I also love some classic Marley reggae and some old-school Rolling Stones.

On stage, it’s just me. Well, me and my acoustic guitar. And a loop pedal, usually. So not just me.

I may not have a band, but I fake it with a loop pedal. I’m a big fan of layering guitar and vocals to create a larger sound on stage. It has definitely changed my approach to songwriting and how I build songs.

Just last month I released my first full album, Distance. I self-recorded and self-produced the album (with help from some very good friends) and am very proud of the sounds we’ve made. I hope you’ll check it out!

Alright, I’ve introduced myself, now it’s your turn. Check out my Facebook page and send me a message! I love virtual high fives.

All the best,



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