You’ve GOT to Hear This: Peace – “I’m a Girl”

A shock in comparison to “World Pleasure” and “Lost on Me”, “I’m a Girl” abolishes the groove stricken funky elements of Peace’s newer material and beats it away with heavy distorted guitar riffs and a mesh of hectic sounds.

Sounding more as if it’s come off the back of debut album ‘In Love’ the song is blasted off with screeching guitars, shattering drum clashes and enough distortion to throw peace into an entirely different genre. Calm lyrical verses that almost sound as if Harry Kossier is slipping into a state of despair, only make way for the ear shattering noise that explodes in an instance. Calm tedious lyrics are transformed and instead of sounding laborious and prolonged are shouted with angst and purpose “that we fuck, eat and fight”.

The power radiating from this song shows a completely new side to Peace and with an opening only rivalled by the likes of debut album’s ‘”Follow Baby” , hints that the band may be looking to bend that inimitable sound they’ve laid claim to with ‘Happy People’. Tweeting “it sees the band at their loudest yet most delic8.” Peace claim the song is not purely intense riffs and shriek distortion, lyrically its open to a multitude of meanings however the way in which this song is interpreted is solely resting on its listener.

“If were living in a man’s world, I’m a girl, I’m a girl, I’m a girl”

The quartet have clearly shown they don’t plan on conforming to a single style, sounding more like a rock infused grunge band than the indie psyche rock band plunged from the past into the future. With “I’m a Girl” the band are almost showing off what they’re capable of. Three distinctly different tracks; “Lost On Me” showing that groovy and upbeat side to the bands entourage, “World Pleasure” showing the laid back carefree attitude the boys adopt and “I’m a Girl” proving their power and presence, Peace have laid the foundations for an album that has the potential to shatter expectations.

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Review by Jacob Flannery |

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