Concert Review: Tupper Ware Remix Party @ The Horseshoe Tavern – Toronto

Back in October, I had the distinct pleasure of seeing and reviewing The Tupper Ware Remix Party (who I will refer to as TWRP) at The Horseshoe tavern. With an amusing time travel/alien back story, excellent musicianship, and a devoted fanbase who give off a massive amount of energy, it was impossible not to get caught up in the madness. This was one of the most over-the-top shows I’ve seen in a long time, easily making it onto my top ten list of best concerts in 2014. Last Friday night, TWRP descended again from space, landing at The Horseshoe once more to share their wisdom and reveal to the world their newly released EP

Most Non Heinous from Toronto began their set with a clip of Kurt Russell’s opening monologue from Big Trouble in Little China. As Jack Burton laid out his rules on life the band started riffing. With song names like Risky Business, Predator, and Earth Girls Are Easy.

The set list must have read like a BuzzFeed article titled “Top Ten Movies of the 80’s and 90’s”. Their mix of hard rock, random samples, and jokes about how many songs they have named after Tom Cruise movies (at least two) was engaging and enjoyable. The sound was a call back to a time before we all lost faith in major label releases, a simpler time when movie studios turned a young Austrian body builder into one of the funniest jokes of all time.

Clad in lab coats and animal masks, the Scientists of Sound truly lived up to their name. Mixing electronic dance music and rock and roll isn’t a new idea but it isn’t the easiest thing to pull off either (leaving behind the wreckage of many careers). With epic builds, wailing guitar hooks, funk breakdowns, and an unsettling visual aesthetic borrowed straight from some of the stranger moments in Eyes Wide Shut they did everything right. Building the energy, all the while tweaking knobs and pressing buttons and presumably taking notes, they performed their Kubrickesque sound experiments on a willing crowd of participants who ate it up cheering and dancing away.

By the time TWRP took to the stage the crowd had chanted itself into a frenzy. I noticed a more aggressive edge to the people in the audience than there was at the last show, with several people getting into toss ups for no perceivable reason. The vibe coming off of the band was as frantic and silly as ever, bringing back elements like the eerily similar-looking backup dancers, in-unison onstage kicks, the wild costumes and the singer’s mid set nunchuk swinging, The well known covers such as Take on Me and In the Air Tonight were removed, placing the focus on tracks from the EP. With names like The Hit and ICQ, the songs were upbeat and full of the synth rock, video game references and robotic singing that make TWRP’s music fun and worth checking out, both in concert and at home.

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Review by Tristan Johnston

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