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Beat The Bandit
Beat The Bandit
first came to being in the magical city of Preston when guitarist and singer Jimmy Hartnett first started sending song ideas to drummer Dan Jenkinson in 2011 “Wow” said Dan, “We should start a band” childish exuberance followed. Flash forward to 2013 ‘Pow’ we’re in Queenstown, New Zealand now (try to keep up) and a chance encounter with a busker lead them to another busker, Guitarist and singer Jon Wright and thus began a blurry year of…..

Now we live in Sheffield and have had the empty voids in our lives filled by Bassist Dav Hutt (There’s no typo, it’s Dav). Blending together two distinct guitar sounds with two distinct vocals created something unique amongst a sea of bland recycled indie music. The music sings for itself, but as you’re using your eyes, here’s some nice things people have said about us;

“Amazing purveyors of Psychedelic Indie with catchy songs and amazing melodies who manage to sound like The Coral, The Beatles and The Beach Boys all mixed up…a must see!!” -Mod for it

“The band fire out anthemic stabs of catchy indie pop, ferocious rock riffage and psychedelic dreaminess in rapid succession. .” -Charlotte Holroyd ‘Bitter Sweet Symphonies”

With new EP ‘Winter’ quickly earning ‘Beat The Bandit’ spots on BBC introducing and other local radio stations as well as a few overly flattering reviews and a swift jump up to being the headlining act.

2015’s gonna be a busy year.


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