You’ve GOT to Hear This: Lincoln Jesser – “Wicked Son”

Lincoln Jesser
Forget what you know about indie music, and check out Lincoln Jesser’s latest record Modern Color. In the process of trying to find more about this LA artist, I came across a lack of information regarding him or his record. It was only until stumbling on his SoundCloud that I realized how unrecognized he truly was! Well with his newest album, hopefully Lincoln Jesser will get the recognition he rightfully deserves.

Lincoln beautifully crafts together chillstep electronica with indie pop and an absolute killer base to give listeners a refreshing revamp of 80’s pop with a modern twist. His voice matches perfectly with the synths and kick drums giving his sound a soothing quality while simultaneously having listeners crave for the next track. Song after song, you’ll find yourself either banging your head to the hypnotic beats displayed in “Something Right” or cruising down the highway as “We’ll be Fine” ensures optimism for the day ahead.

“Wicked Son”, surprisingly not one of the title tracks on the album, leaves no room for skipping. 10 seconds in, you’re hit with Lincoln’s addictive bass line which glides throughout the song, rejuvenating our still great love electronica. And the music video, shot charmingly cheesy with a multitude of screen filters and youth rebellion reminiscent of classic 90’s Disney films, “Wicked Son” is a nostalgic track ensured to bring back memories of the simplicity of childhood.

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Review by Chris Catiis | @chriscatiis

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