Concert Review: Slipknot and Korn @ Motorpoint Arena – Cardiff

The Iowa Metal-titans certainly aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, however it seems they are South Wales’s with this the first date on their UK to sell out. As you entered the arena there was no-doubt a sense of electricity in the air, fans spawning from different generations including those in full Slipknot costumers and masks. It has been 8 years since a Welsh date on a full UK tour and Corey Taylor (Vocals) sure didn’t forget his manners, speaking the native tongue to the crowd who lapped it up like cat on milk.

Before them though were Nu-Metal hulks Korn who themselves have in past headlined this venue and could have easily done again tonight. They went back to basics and played the hits from their extensive back catalogue (however dismayed that they didn’t play a single track off the genre-pushing and personal favourite..Totality album). ‘Freak on a leash’ ‘Here to stay’ sound angsty as ever, proving it still a soundtrack to an outsider dark teenage chronology whilst new material such as Love & Meth get back to being angry and pissed off at the world with Jonathan Davis’s raspy distinguished vocals sounding record perfect. ‘Shoot and Ladders’ saw the infamous bagpipes come out to a rapturous reception and throughout their set Ray Luzier (Drums) served up a heart pounding beat which at times threated to peel back your face. After 12 years together as a band, Korn still remain relevant, distinguished and little bit nostalgic to the metal scene.

If there was anyone in doubt to how to top such an incredible support, then Slipknot punished them for even contemplating such a ludicrous train of thought. Rolling in their huge tour set up, with Devil Rams heads, enough pyro to make a dragon want to retire (man), customised twin spinning percussion sets of drums and of course those scary theatrical masks. As soon as the curtain rose on the stage it was show time, bringing a much needed show into modern non-mainstream music.

Now the music, the set leaned into the fresher new off latest album ….The Gray Chapter, opening with ‘Sarcastrophe’ ‘The Devil in I’ ‘The Negative One’ and ‘surfacing’ getting their infant UK airings and sounding as pissed off as their rest of the set which saw fan favourites ‘Psychosocial’ ‘Duality’ ‘Iowa’ ‘Left behind’ and ‘Before I Forget’ all aired. Whilst Sid ‘Ratboy’ Wilson in-between his parts lept around the stage shaking the podiums of other members, leaving you wondering where the men in white coats were? They were given the night off if you must asked, as the inmate had firmly taken control of the Asylum for the night. The brutal guitar riffs, the DIY percussion which sees Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan batter the living hell out of some Beer kegs and of course frontman Corey Taylors raspy, irritated vocal style dominate the audiences ears and leaves the crowd firmly tucked into his back pocket as the flames pulsate behind him and during ‘Spit It Out’ had everyone down on their knees in the arena to jump up and raise hell.

It’s clear tonight that Slipknot slay every single live show ever and, what sets them apart from the competition. The heaviness of their music combined with melody, the unclean vocals that fuse with the rapping and allow the true voice to come out and most importantly how much more intense they are from any competition. Everyone needs to see this live band!

Review by Richard Samuel | @rich_dbno

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