You’ve GOT to Hear This: Sleepy Seeds – “Sleepy Seeds”

Sleepy Seeds
Sleepy Seeds
is a four-piece band based out of Boise, Idaho. What’s that, you ask? There are bands in Idaho? Indeed. And while you may have heard of Built to Spill or Youth Lagoon, there are plenty more musical ensembles from the Gem State that are worth checking out. Not least of these is Sleepy Seeds, comprised of Marty Martin (lead guitar, vocals), Joey Corsentino (rhythm guitar, vocals), Brett Nelson (formerly of Built to Spill – bass, vocals), and Chad Keever (drums). The band formed in 2009 when Martin and Corsentino left Colorado for Boise in pursuit of music – not exactly the exodus that comes to mind when you think of chasing the dream. Keever joined on drums the next year, and eventually Nelson signed on after his departure from Built to Spill.

The band takes a unique approach as Corsentino, Martin, and Nelson share vocal duties; each sings on the songs they write. Because of this, each tune sounds a little different and has its own personality. Obviously influenced by Built to Spill’s unique guitar artistry, the Seeds sound can be described as warm, mellow and inviting. Martin finesses fluid, smooth notes out of his Fender Stratocaster that are never short on reverb or echo. Nelson’s melodic bass rolls through tunes, assisted by Keever’s drumming, who hits the skins in a similar manner to Crazy Horse drummer Ralph Molina. The highlight, though, is Martin’s smooth baritone voice. It fills your soul via your headphones and sounds big in the best possible way; he could lead the new Rat Pack in Vegas in his free time.

Recently, the band independently released its first full length, self-titled album. “Different”, with its excellent accompanying video, is a great entry point to get familiar with the band. You can also find a collection of live material on YouTube. If you’re looking for some new music, look no further – Sleepy Seeds are worth checking out, and with just one album under their belt, hopefully there’s more to look forward to.

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Review by Jack Stokes |@jackstokes90

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  1. Such a great review of Sleepy Seeds :) Marty Martins biggest fan :) He is my son and I’m so proud of him :) All the guys in the band are great.

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