You’ve GOT to Hear This: The Neighbourhood – “#000000 & #FFFFFF”

The Neighbourhood
It’s rare to find a musical collective that you can say has truly stuck to their vision, but The Neighbourhood didn’t budge when they released their mixtape #000000 & #FFFFFF. The title itself is the HEX colour codes for black and white, keeping The NBHD form that has been showcased at concerts and festivals across the globe since the release of I Love You in 2013.

The mixtape is true to its kind, bringing in collaborations and different vibes to each and every track. The tape is not entirely cohesive, which strangely enough makes it cohesive, keeping to the true identity of a mixtape.

The NBHD brought in talent to feature on 7 of the 18 tracks (including 3 interludes), among the likes of G Eazy, French Montana, Danny Brown, and Raury. These collaborations aren’t your average pop-band-hip-hop dittys, but rather sonically dynamic tracks that spark the interest of rock and hip-hop fans alike.

The mixtape kept fans waiting for months, but for the most part, pleased fans and created an online frenzy that filled Twitter and Tumblr for weeks. Critically speaking, the album isn’t all sunshine and roses, leaving a couple songs and certain verses feeling slightly forced and over-thought.

The magic that put The Neighbourhood on the international music map focused on simplicity and brought atmospheric songs to the masses, which seemed to only be integrated into a few songs, such as Lurk and Silver.

That being said; #000000 & #FFFFFF is special. Having a young band with a uniform notion and theme carried out through an 18 track release while playing real instruments and incorporating groundbreaking concept is no easy feat. The Neighbourhood and their new release show exorbitant growth from I Love You, I’m Sorry, and Thank You, proving that they have matured past teenagers with a knack for music into full fledged stars.

For our video interview with The Neighbourhood, click here.

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Review by Erika Warkentin | @Errrky_Kenti 

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