Getting Cozy With: Ed Ghost Tucker

Ed Ghost Tucker
Photo by J DIXX Photography

Hello Toronto and our friends to the North,

We are Ed Ghost Tucker. Before you ask about the name’s origins, you should know that we’ll dance around the embarrassing answer for as long as possible.

A little bit about us: we are a four-piece group from San Diego, California. As opposed to having one “lead” singer for the band, we have three lead singers, and a lot of three-part harmonies, as a result. The lead vocal on any song of ours largely depends on who writes it and who is most comfortable singing it. Since “pop/rock” isn’t very descriptive or informative, let’s just say that we span a range of genres from doo-wop to new wave, art-rock to world-pop, and listeners often compare us to Dirty Projectors, Vampire Weekend, Grizzly Bear, and some older stuff – from Talking Heads to The Beach Boys.

A short history: somehow, we all got started in music together around the same time in elementary school. Despite having come from different countries and states, we all managed to converge in San Diego when we were between 8 and 10 years old. We formed Ed Ghost Tucker after graduating from college and/or coming home from abroad around two and a half years ago.

Fun facts to keep you guessing: two of us are actually brother and sister, even though we’re all essentially family. Only one of us surfs. One of us is a female. One of us used to have the highest singing voice and now has the lowest. One of us almost became a neuroscientist.

Finally, we’re not lying when we say that at least one of us is watching  Trailer Park Boys  at this very moment. As such, we hope to make it up to Canada in the very near future. Thank you for taking the time to read this. More importantly, we hope you enjoy our music.


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