You’ve GOT to Hear This: Corbin (Spooky Black) – “Worn”

Spooky Black
16 year old Minnesotan rapper Spooky Black is at again releasing a new single just one month after his collaborative group named thestan4rd debuted their self-entitled album.

This track features different styles that Spooky Black has done in the past and manages to combine them all into one nice package. The intro of the song itself is slow and soothing, most like many of his other notable tracks, but quickly transitions into a fast-paced (almost MC Ride-like) yell/rap towards the end.

He writes the first verse on this song as if he was trying to seek forgiveness. He longs to connect emotionally with the person who once loved him and has to keep convincing them to take him back. After the interlude, verse two begins with him realizing that it wasn’t completely his fault that she left. He moves on with his life, but instantly loses it when she comes back begging for his help. He repeats the lyric: “I been rolling on my own” till the end of the song possibly implying that although he had her, his friends and family that it all wasn’t enough to fill whatever he lacked in the end.

Like most of his recent albums/songs, the reverb-filled vocals are very much present and the changing beat at the end of this track actually switched things up. Overall, I enjoyed this track as it was something new and different from him. I hope to see more releases that resemble his old and new stuff.

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Review by Patrick Sustento | @patricksustento

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