You’ve GOT to See This: Purity Ring – “Push Pull”

Purity Ring
I am the biggest fan of Purity Ring. There, I said it. After the huge success of their first release, Shrines, I couldn’t wait to hear (and see) some new material from the Canadian duo. Purity Ring recently announced their forthcoming sophomore release just a few weeks ago, along with singles “Push Pull” and “Begin Again” and now debut their video for “Push Pull”.

The vivid visuals of “Push Pull”, directed by Renata Kaksha, connect closely with the artwork of the widely-anticipated follow-up. Megan James, wrapped in ethereal and transparent-like clothes, is seen floating and gliding (through the air or underwater, you decide) in an aesthetically pleasing celestial backdrop of pink and blue scenes.

It fits well with the classic explorative themes of Purity Ring, physical and spiritual states. The “Push Pull” video, portrays an undeniable sense of weightless, but also movement which resonates well with the sound of Megan James and Corin Roddick. As James describes it, “we wanted something that would move and also bring an underwater element. Everything we do has kind of an otherworldly tinge, we’re trying to create another, a different place to exist. It was an attempt to make it appear like I wasn’t actually on the ground.”

Another Eternity drops March 3rd on 4AD Records. Purity Ring goes on a worldwide tour in April. Watch the video on MTV here.

Review by Sean Carlin | @seancarlin89

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