Getting Cozy With: Santiparro

Hello Canada,

I hope you keep on fighting the good fight and protecting your beautiful land from any other future Tar Sands type projects.  You are some of the sweetest people I know, and your First Nations people are strong and wise.

I’m honored to share my music and a little bit about myself with you.  My record True Prayer was inspired by immersing myself in a ceremonial way of life. When I play live, I prefer to incorporate a ritual element to invite listeners to leave the mundane and enter a higher vibration. I first met Will Oldham (the guest on this track) in a dream. Two days later I met him on the street in New York. A few months later he sang on the record. “The Benefit Of Confrontation” is really a song about reincarnation and breaking free from the cycle of samsara. I’ll be hitting the road this March.  Hopefully I’ll visit Canada in the summer months.

Many Blessings,



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